Pullups are variety of upper body pulling exercises. It has two main grip – palms facing away and palms facing the person. This currently refers to closed chain body weight movement. The body is suspended by the arms then the hands are gripping something. The person starts to pull his or her body up. The wrist should always remain neutral. The knees could be bent by choice or if the bar is not that high. If one bends the knees, it can reduce the swinging of the body. Traditional pullups relies on the upper body strength. This targets the back muscles and other nearby muscle group.

Triceps Extension

Triceps Extension

Triceps extension is considered to be an isolation exercise. It means that this only use one joint. Although compound exercises are ideal if you want to develop majority of muscle groups, this kind of extension can benefit the imbalances of the triceps. This exercise is being used by people who suffered from injury in the area. In the world of body building, the extension is utilized for triceps growth. Lying triceps extensions is one of the most stimulating kind of exercises especially if you want to target the upper arm area. Because it touches the whole triceps group, this is used in many parts of training.

Dumb Bell Flies

dumbbells flies

Dumb bell flies is an exercise specifically for the pectoral muscles found in the chest. As the title states, the exercise is done by using dumbbells. Hold them on each hand and lay your back on any flat surface like bench or floor. Using the chest muscles, raised the weight inwards. Normally people utilize an incline bench. The position of the wrist, elbow and upper arm will determine the target in your chest muscle. Take note that this activity is meant to train the chest area and not any other muscles. If this is done incorrectly, the muscles could get injured.

Triceps Push Down

triceps push down

Push down on the triceps area is a type of strength training exercise that focuses on strengthening the triceps muscle area. The said area is said to be found in the back of the arm. The movement is done by pushing down an object downward against any force. In some gyms, they have equipment specifically for this. This is consist of cables and weight. You can also do this exercise by using dumbbells. The triceps pushdown can also work with biceps muscles. The same impact is also true for bicep curls.

Bent Over Barbell Row

bent over barbell row


Bent Over Barbell Row or also known as barbell row is a kind of the weight training exercise that focus on different types of muscles found in the back area. The exercise varies depending on the target area. This kind of exercise is popular among body building and powerlifting enthusiast. This is a perfect activity for those who wants to gain strength as well as size. The chances of injury due to this movement is high especially when the person practicing the exercise deviates from the safety posture. It is hard to adopt a stable form and alignment so many amateur deviates from this.




Lunges are good exercise movement that can strengthen, sculpt and build muscles. It can also build the thighs, butts and hamstrings. If you do a long lunge, it touches the gluteal area. On the other hand, a short lunge put emphasis on the quadriceps or the leg area. Lunge is considered as a basic movement which is very simple to do especially for athletes that are just beginning. One can perform this exercise using body weight but those who are doing weight training can increase the difficulty by adding dumbbells or kettlebells. There is also a plyometric lunge or split squat jumps.



In strength training workout, the squat is considered as full body exercise that touches the muscles, thighs, hips, butts, quads, and hamstrings. It also strengthens the bones, tendons and ligaments in the lower part of the body. If you want to strengthen and increase the size of your lower body area primarily the legs and the butt, this is a vital exercise. When squatting in the proper form, other parts of the body develops strength as well. This includes the lower back, abdominal, trunk muscles, shoulders and the arms. In the sport of powerlifting, squats are one of the three lifts. The other two are deadlifts and bench press.

Shoulder Press

shoulder press

Shoulder press or also known as overhead press is a weight training type of exercise that is performed while standing up. The weight is then pressed straight up from the shoulder and the arms are stretched up then locked over the head area. This would involve using barbell or dumbbells. According to fitness expert, this is a highly effective upper body exercise. However performing this training will involve different muscles groups for one to maintain balance and support. To some extent, it can be a whole body exercise. Ideally it should be performed while standing instead of sitting.

Leg Extensions

leg extensions

This is a type of resistance weight training movement that focuses on the quad muscles found in the leg area. This kind of exercise is normally performed using a machine. There are different kinds of leg extension machine and each are slightly different from each other. The movement consists of leg bending at the knee area then extending the legs; then lowering back to the original position. The isolated exercise is only targeting one specific muscle area and that is the quadriceps. Take note that this is different from squat or deadlift. Aside from weight lifters and body builders, runners and triathletes benefit from this exercise.

Bicep Curls


The bicep curls workout is one of the most popular exercises in weight training program. This exercise focuses on the biceps. Take note that the area should only be worked once or twice a week. The focus area is a small muscle group so it that can’t be over trained. There is an isolation bicep curl exercise that concentrate on the bicep area only and not the other muscles. If you want to build the perfect biceps, you need to perform the right technique. Failure to do so can lead to injury. The secret to success in this area is hard work which could result to arms that people envy.

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